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gm4suc at Turnberry

The following list is the only OFFICIAL list of lighthouses and Lightships used by the

International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend.

Which is an annual event held on the 3rd full weekend in August for Amateur Radio Operators to test their skills at setting up and operating from a portable location at a lighthouse. It is also an opportunity to draw attention to the plight of lighthouses now that most are automated and not supervised by keepers thus becoming possible targets for vandalism and neglect.

This web site contains lists of all lighthouse which have featured in the ILLW event since 2007.

If you are intending to participate and your lighthouse is not on our list just complete the 

Official on-line Registration Form

and send it in so we can make sure the lighthouse meets the official guidelines.

What is regarded as a Lighthouse for this event?

Lighthouse: Generally regarded as a structure which is or has been listed officially as an aid to navigation in
a recognized publication such as the British Admiralty List of Light and Foghorns, and which falls into the
classic concept of a lighthouse. For example, a substantial tower having an internal staircase, a revolving
Fresnel lens and had or has a designated lighthouse keeper. Also permitted are lighthouses which have been
moved to a museum for historic reasons.

But, the fact that a light has been listed in official documents such as the "British Admiralty List of Lights and
Foghorns", the "USCG Light List", or the "NGA List of Lights, Radio Aids and Fog Signals", and for example,
on the ARLHS list of lights, does not automatically qualify the structure for this event. Such lights as range
lights, channel markers, skeletal towers ,and breakwall lights will probably not be accepted. Examples of some
lights which have been submitted for the event, but which have been rejected can be seen on this web page.

Remember, the operation from faux or false lighthouses, lights on poles, lights that no longer exist, etc. is
discouraged as they are not within the spirit of the event.

*The DXCC entity comes from the current ARRL DXCC LIST.
The ILLW Numbers are assigned using the list of currently existing Internet Top-level domains (TLDs) as the prefix.