0001 UTC 20th AUGUST 2016 TO 2400 UTC 21st AUGUST 2016 (48 hours or part thereof).

Official List of Entrants - 2016 Total= 471
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Country Call Lighthouse Name ILLW No. QSL Route and other info. Web
Algeria 1 7Y9LI Cap Ivi Lighthouse DZ0004 SM4VPZ manager Web
Argentina LU2DT Faro Punta Mogotes AR0013 Web
Argentina LU1EQ San Antonio AR0018 Lafinur 104 (1625) Jose C Paz -BsAs-Argentina  
Argentina LU1WL Faro Cabo Raso n/a* Calle El Ceibo NA 805-9100 Trelew, Chubut, Argentina  
LU6DM Faro Punta Medanos AR0012 Direct +SASE see web site or Web
Argentina LU8DCH Faro Isla Martin Garcia AR0022 Direct see  
LU9JMG Stella Maris AR0020 Juan Peron 205 Concepcion del Urugay Entre Rios 3260  
LW3DSR Querandi AR0034 PO Box 265, CP7600. See web site Web
Argentina 8 LU5DMP Claromeco AR0008  
Australia VK2/GW0VML Ballina Lighthouse AU0001 (At Cape Byron on Sunday)  
Australia VK2AEJ MV Cape Don, Lighthouse Tender AU0023 PO Box 793, Strathfield. NSW 2135 Web
VK2ATZ Norah Head AU0024 Buro (Westlakes ARC) Web
Australia VK2BOR Tacking Point Lighthouse AU0034 Web
Australia VK2BV Macquarie Lighthouse AU0022 LoTW. (Oldest Lighthouse in Australia) Web
Australia VK2EP Smoky Cape AU0031 PO Box 655, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 Aust.  
Australia VK2FRE Crowdy Head AU0044 PO Box 712, Taree. NSW 2430  
Australia VK2FTAY* Clarence Head, Yamba, NSW AU0013 Direct to VK2FTAY PO Box 1629, Grafton NSW 2460. Aust. Web
Australia VK2GEL Hornby Lighthouse AU0041 Buro Web
Australia VK2HBG Warden Head, Ulladulla AU0035 Direct or Buro  
Australia VK2IAN Crookhaven Heads AU0047 Direct  
Australia VK2IO Hornby Lighthouse AU0041 e-QSL, buro Web
Australia VK2MB Barrenjoey Lighthouse AU0046 Buro Web
Australia VK2MNM Cape Byron AU0006  
Australia VK3ANR Point Henry Signal Station AU0084 Direct Web
Australia VK3APC Eastern Light McCrae AU0017 Buro Web
Australia VK3ATL Point Lonsdale AU0028 Buro Web
Australia VK3DJ Queenscliff Black Lighthouse AU0050 Buro  
Australia VK3DNQ Cape Nelson AU0055 Direct  
Australia VK3DX Lady Bay Upper & Lower AU0049-96 Web
Australia VK3EG Point Hicks AU0027 Buro to VK3EK  
Australia VK3ER Cape Schanck. Cancelled AU0012 Buro or direct Web
Australia VK3IH Cape Liptrap AU0037 Buro or direct.  
Australia VK3ILH Citadel light, Port Albert Museum AU0110 QSL manager VK3CAM via buro. (In lieu of Cape Wickham)  
Australia VK3OLS Cape Otway Lightstation AU0011 Buro  
Australia VK3QB Wilson's Promontory, Victoria AU0056 Direct or Buro  
Australia VK3SPL Split Point lighthouse AU0032 Buro Web
Australia VK3VTH/7 Currie Light, King Island AU0016 Buro  
Australia VK3WI Williamstown Timeball Tower AU0036 Buro Web
Australia VK3WND Cape Schanck. Cancelled AU0012 Buro Web
Australia VK3YSP Queenscliff White Lighthouse AU0051 Buro or 400th entry Web
Australia VK4AAC/3 Cape Schanck AU0012 e-QSL or buro. (Sunday only)  
Australia VK4BAD Caloundra Head (New) AU0120 Direct Web
Australia VK4BAR Cleveland Point AU0014 Buro or direct PO Box 411 Capalaba, QLD 4157  
Australia VK4BW Burnett Heads Historical Lighthouse AU0004 PO Box 129 Bundaberg QLD 4670 Web
Australia VK4CHB New Burnett Heads AU0104 Direct  
Australia VK4CQR Sea Hill AU0060 E-qsl Web
Australia VK4FE Island Point, Port Douglas, Qld AU0109 Buro  
Australia VK4GHL Grassy Hill Lighthouse AU0019 Via VK4MIK Web
Australia VK4LLE Lady Elliot Island lighthouse AU0085 Direct  
Australia VK4MM Bulwer Island Rear Lead Light AU0003 PO Box 3098, Sth Brisbane, QLD 4101 or Buro Web
Australia VK4WIM Pine Islet, Mackay Marina AU0026 Buro or direct Web
Australia VK5CJ Cape Jaffa AU0007 Buro Web
Australia VK5CJL Cape Jervis AU0094 To VK5AR direct or Buro  
Australia VK5ARC Point Malcolm AU0029 Buro or PO Box 333 Morphett Vale SA 5162 Web
Australia VK5BWR Lowly Point AU0021 Buro  
Australia VK5CJL Cape Jervis Lighthouse AU0094 VK5AR or buro  
Australia VH5CWL Cape Willoughby AU0095 To VK5EMI diect or buro. (Kangaroo Isl)  
Australia VK5PBZ Port Germein AU0069 PO Box 2870 Port Lincoln 5696. Sth Aust. Web
Australia VK5TTY Point Malcolm AU0029 Buro and PO Box 333 Morphett Vale SA 5162 Web
Australia VK5ZGY Cape Banks AU0121 Box 9026, Mt Gambier West SA 5291 (vk5zgy at Web
Australia VK5ZII Tipara Reef Light Tower AU0053  
Australia VK6AHR North Mole, Fremantle AU0073 Direct or buro Web
Australia VK6BRC Casuarina AU0086 Web
Australia VK6CLL Cape Leeuwin AU0008 Buro or direct. (Tribute to Wally VK6YS (SK))  
Australia VK6CNL Cape Naturaliste AU0010 Direct to VK6NI Web
Australia VK7EK Table Cape Lighthouse AU0039 Direct  
Australia VK7HKN Cape Tourville AU0119 (Other op VK7FROG)  
Australia VK7LH Low Head AU0048  
Australia VK7NW Mersey Bluff AU0040 Buro  
Australia VK7NWT Round Hill Point AU0111 Direct only  
Australia VK7TAZ Eddystone Point AU0087 Buro Web
Australia VK7VTX Pot Boil Channel Light n/a* VK7VTX  
Australia VK7WCN Bluff Hill Point AU0081 Buro Web
Australia 65 VK7ZM Rocky Cape. Cancelled AU0066 Direct  
Austria OE6XMF Danube River, Vienna AT0005 OE6NFK Web
Austria 2 OE6XMF Moerbisch, Lake Neusiedlersee AT0004 OE6NFK. (Club call ops OE6MBG and OE1EOA)  
Belgium ON4CJK Lange Nelle BE0008 Buro  
Belgium 2 ON9BD Westhinder 3 Lightship BE0006 Buro Web
Brazil 1 ZV8WAB Farol De Salinas BR0009 e-QSL or direct Web
Canada VA2EI/VE3 Windmill Point CA0036 Direct  
Canada VA3FCH Cabot Head CA0032 Buro Web
Canada VE1REC Shafner Point CA0058 Direct see  
Canada VE3DC Burlington Main Light CA0015 VE3DC direct or e-QSL Web
Canada VE3ERC Point Clarke CA0011 E-QSL or direct  
Canada VE3FRG Nine Mile Lighthouse CA0031 Direct or e_QSL  
Canada VE3GCB Victoria Harbour Rear Range CA0046 Direct or buro Web
Canada VE3LS Goderich Main Light CA0054 Web
Canada VE3UDO Point Petre Lighthouse CA0026 Direct or e_QSL  
Canada VE4DXR George Lightstation CA0053 Buro or direct on (See web) Web
Canada VE9LEP Long Eddy Point CA0057 e-QSL Web
Canada VE9SLH Swallowtail Lighthouse CA0018 Direct toVE9SK Web
Canada VE9EZ Richibucto Head, Cape Lumiere CA0052 VE9EZ  
Canada VO1LM Lobster Cove Head CA0040 Direct  
Canada VO1MCE Cape Race CA0006 VO1VCE Web
Canada 15 VY2PLH Wood Islands CA0051 Buro or direct Web
Canary Isl 1 AO8LH Punta del Castillete ES0049 Via EA8AKN see  
Chile 1 CB2J Faro Punta Angeles CL0011 Direct via Web
Cuba T48MOA Cayo Moa Grande Cancelled n/a* Per ops instructions. Web
Cuba T43C Batabano n/a* Per ops instructions Web
Cuba T43SD San Dionisio Lighthouse, Rio Jaruco CU0015 Buro  
Cuba T46FY Faro Yaguanabo CU0012 Per ops instructions  
Cuba T47FP Cayo Paredon CU0016 Per ops instructions  
Cuba T48FL Lucrecia Lighthouse CU0006 Via W3HNK  
Cuba T47LH Punta Maternillos/Far de Colun CU0007 TBD Web
Cuba T48FV Faro Vargas, Cabo Cruz CU0010 Buro Web
Cuba T48LHH Punta Rasa, Gibara CU0014 Buro  
Cuba 10 T48SC Castillo del Morro CU0004 Direct or buro  
Denmark OV1LH Helnaes DK0020 LoTW, Buro or direct Web
Denmark OZ0MF Nordborg DK0006 Via DF5LW or direct or  
Denmark OZ2GBW Knudshoved Lighthouse DK0004 Buro to EDR Club Station OZ2NYB Web
Denmark OZ4DUE Dueodde North DK0030 Buro or direct to OZ9XU, LoTW, e-QSL, QRZ, Club Log Web
Denmark OZ4Ham Hammer Fyr DK0015 Buro  
Denmark OZ5GRE Fornaes DK0010 Buro to club station OZ5GRE Web
Denmark OZ/DL1BWU Bago DK0032 Buro, e-QSL, direct. (Also a member from OZ3FYN)  
Denmark 8 OZ/DL1UWE Kegnes DK0003 To DL1UWE, see web site. Web
England 2E0HPI St Mary's Tyneside UK0021 2E0HPI Web
England 2E0HPI Seaton Carew High, Seaton Tower UK0198 2E0HPI. (Sunday ony) Web
England G0SGB Sutton Bridge East and West. Cancelled n/a* Direct only to G0SGB. (Admiralty ref A2383, A2385)  
England G3PRC Smeatons Tower UK0025 e-QSL  
England G4CW Cross Ness UK0095 Buro  
England GB0CCC Lightship John Sebastian UK0176 Buro, e-QSL or Web
England GB0BMB Beaulieu Millennium Beacon UK0002 Buro Web
England GB0NFL North Foreland Lighthouse UK0128 Direct or buro Web
England GB0NL Newhaven Lighthouse UK0190 Buro  
England GB0TBW Trinity Buoy Wharf UK0030 G0TOC. (also Trinity Lightship 95, ILLW UK0209) Web
England GB1DLH Dungeness Lighthouses UK0059/60 e-QSL Web
England GB2BHL Bidston Hill Lighthouse UK0180 Via G8WWD  
England GB2HL Hunstanton UK0011 Buro Web
England GB1PBL Portland Bill (Operational) UK0073 Direct to G1OCN. (Ops do not comply with guidelines)  
England GX3SDS Portland Bill High. (Upper) UK0019 Buro. (Note change of callsign from GB2PUL to Club call)  
England GB2RL Roker Light UK0099 Buro or via G7OCK with SASE pls  
England GB2RPD Dubris Pharos Dover UK0201 Buro or direct. (Very old structure built by Romans) Web
England GB2SJ Souter Lighthouse UK0026 Buro Web
England GB2TCL Thorngumbald Clough H&L UK0149-50 Via G1TDN or Buro Web
England GB2WHL Whitby High Light UK0062 M0OXO  
England GB2WLH Withernsea UK0013 RSGB buro Web
England GB4CL Cromer Lighthouse UK0076 Web
England GB4FL Flamborough Lighthouse UK0006 Web
England GB4FCL Flamborough Chalk lighthouse UK0005  
England GB4HLH Harwich High and Low UK0074-09 Buro only  
England GB4LL Leasowe Lighthouse UK0014 Buro Web
England GB5HCL Hurst Point Low UK0012 Buro or direct to M0KZC Web
England GB5HL Hartland Point UK0111 Buro only, no return qsl please. Cancelled, severe WX Web
England GB5PSL Plover Scar UK0018 2E0ZDX  
England GB5ULA Lightship "Sula", LV14 UK0132 Direct. (Moored at Gloucester Docks, Humber Estuary) Web
England GB6HPL Heugh Light House UK0188 QRZ, eQSL direct via Buro Web
England GB8SL Shoreham Lighthouse UK0023 Buro  
England M3DPQ Southwold UK0050 Direct only pls  
England MX0NBC Lightvessel John Sebastian UK0176 G8CKK Web
England 34 M0MTY Dovercourt Bay Lights UK0153-4 Email or buro Web
Estonia ES3/OG1J Saxby Tuletorn EE0006 OG1J. (Admiralty No C3578)  
Estonia ES/SA5FYR Loode Lighthouse EE0005 Buro Web
Estonia 3 ES/SA5FYR Sworve Lighthouse EE0001 Buro Web
Finland OG5A Lightship "Helsinki" FI0003 Buro Web
Finland OH1AF Sappi. Cancelled FI0014 Buro, LoTW  
Finland OH1AH Uto FI0007 Buro Web
Finland OH1AM Kylmapihlaja FI0002 Buro  
Finland OH3JJ Isokari FI0016 OH3NE  
Finland OH5AA Lightship Kemi (Museum) FI0026 Buro. PL11111 Riihimaki, Finland.(Loc at Port Kota)  
Finland 7 OH5B Luovukkaluoto FI0023 Buro via OH5AB  
France F5IRC LS "Le Havre", LH Quillebeuf FR0013-20 Buro  
France F6BNM Lervily FR0019  
France TM0BSM Berck-sur-Mer FR0014 Via DL0AD Web
France TM1LH Penfret & Eckmuhl FR0017-18 F4FET Web
France TM10LHG Petit-Fort-Philippe FR0002 Buro to PA0HEL. (10 years ops by PA0HEL and PA0RLM) Web
France TM0PDH Honfleur Old Tower FR0015 Via PH2CV Web
France TM2LW Kerlede FR0016  
France 8 TM5AF Cape d'Antifer FR0004 F5NED  
Germany DA0LCC Altenbruch Oberfeuer DE0057 Buro Web
Germany DA0LHN Lighthouse Buesum DE0098 Buro Web
Germany DA0LHT Brunsbuettel Lighthouses (6) DE0108-13 Buro or direct to DF1AG. See also Web
Germany DA0WLH Warnemuende DE0064 Darc buro Web
Germany DF0MF Lightship "Amrumbank" DE0059 Via DL1BIZ buro or direct Web
Germany DF0VK Schleimunde DE0073 Via DL5YAD  
Germany DF0WLG Greifswalder Oie DE0009 Darc or direct to DM5DX Web
Germany DF5A Cape Arkona New Tower DE0002 Buro, e-Qsl  
Germany DF7HH Old Tower Light Balje DE0128 See for DM9AYZ, DJ2OC, DF7HH Web
Germany DF8HS Marienleuchte New & Old DE0051-52 Buro  
Germany DF8WA Heidkate DE0038 DF8WA  
Germany DG0GF Buk Bastorf DE0001 Buro  
Germany DG2BZE Buk / Bastorf DE0001 Buro or direct  
Germany DG3XA Westerheversand DE0063 Direct Web
Germany DG8HJ Pilsumer Leuchtturm DE0066 Buro  
Germany DH0GAK Amrum DE0081 Buro or direct  
Germany DJ7MH Voslapp Upper Light DE0132 Buro  
Germany DH7RK Staberhuk DE0047 Buro or direct see  
Germany DH9JK Staberhuk DE0047 Buro or direct see  
Germany DJ9QE Oland Light DE0023 Buro, e-QSL, direct. Web
Germany DK0DAN Knock DE0049 Buro Web
Germany DK0FC Wangerooge Old Tower DE0030 Direct to DB1BAC Web
Germany DK0IZ Gluckstadt Nordmole Light DE0082 Buro Web
Germany DK0MTR Upper Fire Lemwerder DE0124 Buro Web
Germany DK0RA Altenbruch Unterfeuer (Old) DE0050 Buro Web
Germany DK0TEU Tinsdal Oberfeuer DE0077 Buro or DF4HA or direct. Other op DF0TEU Web
Germany DK4LEH Neuland DE0022 Buro  
Germany DK5T Lightship "Laeso Rende" DE0061 Buro or direct DK5T Web
Germany DL0BRF Borkumriff DE0017 Via DD1BV  
Germany DL0CUX Lightvessel "Elbe 1" DE0037 Buro Web
Germany DL0DFF Dahmeshoeved DE0003 Buro Web
Germany DL0EM Campen DE0048 Via DJ6ZJ buro or direct Web
Germany DL0EO Eckernfoerde DE0005 Buro Web
Germany DL0FFF Lightvessel "Fehmarnbelt" DE0018 To DL2RPS via buro or direct  
Germany DL0HGW Cape Arkona Old Tower DE0123 Buro, e-Qsl Web
Germany DL0HOA Falshoeft DE0007 Buro  
Germany DL0IH Helgoland, Upper and Lower DE0067-68 Buro to Op DG7TG  
Germany DL0LNW Neuwerk DE0016 DARC buro via DL1LAD or DE2HJW  
Germany DL0MFH Lightvessel 13 DE0019 Buro  
Germany DL0MFK Karnin Pilot & L'house Tower DE0013 Buro or Web
Germany DL0MFN Peenemunde DE0099 Buro or direct Web
Germany DL0OF Pellworm DE0024 Buro Web
Germany DL0PJ Nordeney Island Lighthouse DE0055 Buro or DJ9IN direct  
Germany DL0RWE Old Lighthouse Borkum DE0046 Buro  
Germany DL0SY Kampen / Rotes Kliff DE0106 Buro,  
Germany DL0SY List Ost DE0102 Buro,  
Germany DL0SY List West DE0103 Buro,  
Germany DL0SY Hornum DE0104 Buro,  
Germany DL0TO Old Lighthouse Travemunde DE0028 Buro. Loc JO53KX. SSB, PSK, 80-10m Web
Germany DL0UEM Ueckermunde DE0029 DL0UEM Web
Germany DL0YLM Pelzerhaken DE0025 Buro  
Germany DL2KMK Buk Bastorf DE0001 Buro, e-Qsl, direct Web
Germany DL3BBN Bremen Molenfeuer Sued Mole DE0134 Buro Web
Germany DL4ABB Busum DE0098 Buro, e-QSL, or direct Web
Germany DL40IPARC Maltzien DE0020 DARC Web
Germany DL5HF Bubendey-Ufer Oberfeuer DE0114 Buro or e-QSLcc Web
Germany DL6KWN Petersdorf Oberfeuer DE0097 Buro. (40m CW only afternoon and evening)  
Germany DL7AG Kamp-Karnin Oberfeuer DE0072 Buro, e-QSL, LoTW  
Germany DL7ANC Buk / Bastorf DE0001 Buro, e-QSL, direct  
Germany DL7MFK Buk Bastorf DE0001 Buro  
Germany DL7UVO LH Gellen DE0090 Buro. (Other op DL3KZA Web
Germany DM1SW Heiligenhafen-Strandhusen DE0139 Buro or direct Web
Germany DM2C Leuchtturm Moritzburg DE0021 Buro or direct via DM2FEH (2$) Web
Germany DM2DLG Lighthouse Krautsand DE0015 Buro. (also DL1ELU)  
Germany DM5C Westermarkelsdorf DE0080 Buro Web
Germany DO2TO Kamp-Karnin Oberfeur DE0072 Buro, e-QSL, LoTW  
Germany DQ2T Friedrichsort DE0137 Buro Web
Germany DM3B Kamp-Karnin Oberfeuer DE0072 DL7AG, DL3BWG, DO2TO, Buro, e-QSL, LoTW Web
Germany 69 DR5W Zarrenzin Oberfeuer DE0093 Buro  
Gibraltar 1 ZB2LGT Europa Point GI0001 Via ZB2BU Web
Greece 1 SZ8LES Lesbos Island n/a* Web
Iceland TF1IRA Knarraros IS0001 IRA buro Web
Iceland TF3DT Akranes, new and old IS0003-4 IRA buro Web
Iceland TF8IRA Gardskagaviti (New)
IS0002 IRA buro. (Listen for TF70IRA for 70th anniversary) Web
Iceland 4 TF8RX Gardskagaviti IS0002 IRA buro  
India AU1LH Agauda Fort, Goa. (Old & New) IN0018-19 VU2SMS Web
India AT2L Uttan Point Lighthouse IN0005 Via VU2KWJ direct or buro Web
India 3 VU2XPR Point Calimere IN0020 Direct  
Ireland EI/MI1AIB Shrove Light. Cancelled IE0011 MI1AIB  
Ireland EJ0L Aranmore Lighthouse IE0017 SAE only to GI4SZP Web
Ireland EI0CAR Dunree Head Donegal IE0016 Buro or direct to EI4JR Web
Ireland EI0LHL Loop Head Lighthouse IE0009 LoTW to EI4GXB Web
Ireland EI0M Blacksod Lighthouse IE0008 Buro Web
Ireland EI1K Cromwell Point IE0001 Via EI1K Web
Ireland 7 EI2WRC/p Hook Lighthouse IE0003 Web
Italy I6HWD Pedaso IT0008 Buro or direct see Web
Italy II1L La Lanterna IT0005 Buro or direct Web
Italy IP1T S Venerio Tino Island IT0021 Buro or direct Web
Italy IQ0CV Monte Cappuncini, Civitavecchia IT0025 ARI Civitavecchia Web
Italy 5 IQ3TS Faro Della Vittoria IT0011 Buro, direct+SASE or Web
Latvia YL3DJ Mikelbaka LV0001 Buro  
Latvia 2 YL3HE Ovisi LV0005 YL3HE direct or buro  
Malaysia 9M2MI Pulau Undan Lighthouse, Melaka MY0017 Direct to 9M2YOT Web
Malaysia 9M4CKT Batu Tinagat (Old) MY0013  
Malaysia 9M4LBJ Bukit Jugra Lighthouse, Selangor MY0006  
Malaysia 9M4LFC Fort Cornwallis Lighthouse MY0003 9M2DY  
Malaysia 9M4LHB Altingsburg Lighthouse MY0005 Web
Malaysia 9M4LHM Tg Lobang Lighthouse Miri MY0014 Direct to 9W8IQA See  
Malaysia 9M4LHN Cape Rachado MY0001 Direct to 9W2PD Web
Malaysia 8 9M4LMH Muka Head MY0019 Direct 9M2RUL  
Netherlands PA/DL1KVN Old Kraggenburg NL0010  
Netherlands PA/DL9FBF Eierland NL0048 DL9FBF  
Netherlands PA1BDO Maasvlakte NL0021 PA1BDO and PD2GCM  
Netherlands PA1VLD Vuurtoren Vlieland NL0015  
Netherlands PA25SCH Zuidelijke Havenhoofd NL0025 PD2RKG Web
Netherlands PA3BIC Lighthouse Ameland NL0032 Buro  
Netherlands PA6FUN Lightship Trinity House LV12 NL0051 PA3HHT (Moored in Amsterdam)  
Netherlands PA6SCH Scheveningen NL0022 Via buro, via PI4dhg  
Netherlands PA6VL Vuurtoren Vlieland NL0015 Buro  
Netherlands PA6LH Van Speijk NL0014 Buro or PA0XAW Web
Netherlands PA6SB Stenen Baak NL0012 PI4VPO via buro Web
Netherlands PA6VEN De Ven NL0035 Buro Web
Netherlands PC2D+ De Ven NL0035 LoTW Web
Netherlands PD0FSB Lange Jaap NL0040 Buro via PD0FSB Web
Netherlands PG150N Noordwijk aan Zee NL0009 PA7DA via Dutch Qsl buro Web
Netherlands PH6WAL Westkappelle Low NL0018 Via PI4WAL Web
Netherlands PI4SRN High Europoort Range Rear NL0033 PA3DHR Web
Netherlands PI4VNW Het Hoog Light NL0003 Buro or direct Web
Netherlands PI4WAL Westkappelle High NL0017 PI4WAL Web
Netherlands PI4WBR Sector Light "Willemstad" NL0019 Buro no e_QSL pls  
Netherlands21 PI4ZHE Noord Hinder NL0036 PI4ZHE Web
New Zealand ZL1KBR Bean Rock NZ0011 or direct  
New Zealand ZL1MHLH Manukau Heads NZ0002 LoTW or buro. Not direct. Web
New Zealand ZL2AB Cape Egmont NZ0003 ZL2KGF Web
New Zealand ZL2LHW Karori Rock Lighthouse NZ0017 NZART buro Web
New Zealand ZL2X Pencarrow NZ0012 ZL4CZ Web
New Zealand6 ZL6LH Piha NZ0006 ZL1VK via buro or direct Web
Norway LA1G Langoytangen NO0002 Buro Web
Norway LA1Z Alnes NO0003 NRRL buro Web
Norway 3 LA6K Stavneset Lighthouse NO0014 Buro or direct Web
Nth Ireland GB5BL Blackhead Lighthouse UK0036 Via GI0BJH Web
Nth Ireland GN0LIX Chaine Tower UK0033 Buro and Web
Nth Ireland MI1AIB Rathlin East UK0056 MI1AIB (Other op GI0NCA) Web
Nth Ireland 4 MN0HNQ Haulbowline UK0114 Direct. 200th entry  
Panama 1 3E1L Panama Canal, Miraflores Lh. PA0002 Via HP1RCP  
Poland SN19LH Ustka PL0017 Buro Web
Poland SP1KBK Rozewie PL0006 Buro  
Poland SP5KAB Hel PL0015 or e-QSL Web
Poland 4 SP5KAB Jastarnia PL0002 or e-QSL Web
Portugal CR5L Farol da Boa Nova PT0025 CT1DSV  
Portugal CR5LSV Farol do Cabo de Sao Vicente PT0011 CT5KAO Web
Portugal CR6L Cabo Raso PT0003 CT7ABO Web
Portugal CR6LH Cabo Espichel PT0005 Buro or direct +SASE Web
Portugal CS2LH Faro do Cabo da Roca PT0015 Direct, buro Web
Portugal CS5ARAM Montedor PT0010 Direct Web
Portugal CT1FDQ Alfanzina Lighthouse PT0033 Buro. (Other op CR7ALM)  
Portugal 8 CT1MH Cabo Carvoeiro PT0002 Buro  
Puerto Rico KP3RE Cabo San Juan PR0002 Direct +SASE via, LoTW Web
Puerto Rico KP4FRA Punta de las Figuras PR0010 Direct KP4FRA, e-QSL, Web
Puerto Rico KP4LH Los Morillos PR0001 Direct to QSL manager Web
Puerto Rico NP4LH Punta Tuna PR0008 Direct or buro Web
Puerto Rico 5 WP4OQQ El Morro PR0011 e-QSL,, mail  
Russia RN6K Il'Inskij Lighthouse RU0009 RN6K Web
Russia 2 RU6K Evpatorian RU0008 Direct or buro (Other op RL6K) RLE-137 RDA RK-07 Web
Scotland 2M0KAU Buddon Ness, High & Low UK0207-8 Buro Web
Scotland 2M0ROT The Perch, Port Glasgow UK0200 and direct Web
Scotland GB0BCK Buckie North Light UK0053 Direct or buro  
Scotland GB1CL Cromarty UK0202 or direct via G4IAR Web
Scotland GB0CLH Covesea Lighthouse, Skerries UK0204 Buro or e-QSL  
Scotland GB0NHL Noss Head Lighthouse UK0039 e-QSL, GM0TKB Web
Scotland GB1CFL Carraig Fhada, Isle of Islay UK0203 DARC Buro. (Ops DL5KUA, DJ7AO), Direct or LoTW Web
Scotland GB1DHL Dunnet Head Lighthouse UK0187 Buro or GM4EFR  
Scotland GB1OL Noup Head UK0105 MM5DWW Web
Scotland GB2GNL Girdleness Lighthouse UK0037 Buro or e-QSL to GM3WIJ Web
Scotland GB2AL Ardnamurchan Lighthouse UK0017 Buro or direct to GM3ALZ Web
Scotland GB2ELH Eshaness Lighthouse. EU-012 UK0058 Web
Scotland GB2LBN Barns Ness UK0034 Buro, direct, LoTW or Web
Scotland GB2LCL Little Cumbrae Lighthouse UK0172 GM7OKX (Also UK0172 and UK0173) Web
Scotland GB2TNL Tarbet Ness UK0151 E-Qsl Web
Scotland GB5FLM Kinnaird Head Castle Lighthouse UK0094 Buro Web
Scotland GM2LMG Mull of Galloway UK0086  
Scotland GM3TKV Covesea Skerries UK0204 Buro or direct with SASE pls. Web
Scotland GM4LTH Isle of May (High) UK0157 Direct to GM4LTH  
Scotland GM4NFI Chanonry / Cananaich UK0196 Buro Web
Scotland GS8VL Rubh 'an Eun, Island of Bute UK0206 Direct to MM5AHO. (Maritime mobile ops) Web
Scotland 22 MS0ARG Ardrossan Pier Head UK0089 and direct Web
South Africa ZS1BAK Cape Agulhas ZA0011 Buro Web
South Africa ZS1C Cape Hangklip ZA0010 ZS1C via Buro  
South Africa ZS1CT Green Point, Cape Town ZA0006 LoTW or Buro Web
South Africa ZS1DJR Saldanha Bay, South Head ZA0031 Buro Web
South Africa ZS1FC Saldanha Bay, North Head ZA0029 Buro  
South Africa ZS1FRC Slangkop Point ZA0015 PO Box 37724, Valyland, 7978, South Africa Web
South Africa ZS1OAK Milnerton Lighthouse ZA0019 Buro Web
South Africa ZS1OAR Danger Point ZA0005 Direct to ZS1EZ  
South Africa ZS2EC Cape Recife ZA0022 Direct or e-QSL or LoTW  
South Africa ZS2PE Seal Point ZA0021 Direct or e-QSL Web
South Africa ZS2ZU Donkin ZA0023 Buro or direct  
South Africa ZS5D Cooper Lighthouse Bluff ZA0004 Via email to ZS5D at Web
South Africa ZS5HAC North Sands Bluff Lighthouse ZA0016 SARL buro  
Sth Africa 14 ZS9V Robben Island ZA0008 Buro or LoTW  
Spain EA1/DK6EA Faro de Cabo Silleiro ES0039 Buro  
Spain EA1WD Cabo de Ajo ES0001 Buro Lotw, e-QSL Web
Spain 3 EG1LWN Corrubedo ES0044 Via EA1HNP Web
Sri Lanka 4S7LGT Barberyn / Beruwala LK0002 Web
Sri Lanka 2 4S7LGT Dondra LK0001 Web
Sweden 7S0SFJ Finngrundet SE0013 Via SK0QO Web
Sweden 7S5LH Mem SE0054 Buro  
Sweden 7S6SU Subbeberget SE0025 Buro Web
Sweden 7S6TL Tistlarna Lighthouse SE0026 Buro Web
Sweden 7S7KUL Kullens Fyr SE0010 Via SK7DD Web
Sweden 8S2JL Javre SE0069 SM2TOS Web
Sweden 8S6BAS Bastungen Lighthouse SE0001 Via SK6DW Web
Sweden 8S6MT Morups Tange SE0016 Via SK6JX Web
Sweden 8S6NAV Naven Lighthouse SE0017 SK6LR Web
Sweden 8S6VAN Vanaes Fyr SE0027 Buro Web
Sweden SD5F Fjuk, Lake Wettern SE0068 SK6EI Web
Sweden SK2AU Bjuroklubb SE0036 Buro. (Facebook) Web
Sweden SK3GK Boena Lighthouse SE0002 Buro via SM3CBR Web
Sweden SK5WB Orskar SE0018 Buro or direct Web
Sweden SK6MA Visingso SE0029 SSA buro  
Sweden SK6QA Galteroen SE0038 Buro or direct, e-QSL, Lotw and Club log, Web
Sweden SK7L Segerstad Lighthouse SE0020 Via SK7CA Web
Sweden SK7RN Lange Erik, Oland Island Nth Pt SE0011 Buro or direct Web
Sweden SM5MEK Vastra Banken Lightship SE0067 Buro, e-QSL, LoTW Web
Sweden SM7OHB Smygehuk SE0023 e-QSL Web
Sweden 21 SM7OHB Sandhammeren SE0019 e-QSL Web
Switzerland 1 HB9ILLW Romanshorn CH0004 HB9FVF or HB9FVR Web
Taiwan 1 BV2FP Pai-Sha Chia TW0002  
Trinidad 1 9Z4A Pt Galera (Toco) Lighthouse TT0001 Direct via 9Z4A. (New country for ILLW) Web
Turkey 1 TC1LHW Karaburun TR0002 Via LoTW (TA1CQ,TA1CR,TA1PB,TA1UT,TA1FR,TA1HZ) Web
Uruguay CV5ER Faro de la Isla de Flores UY0009 Grupo Eco Radio CC:16-CP:5172 La Falda Cordoba Arg Web
Uruguay CW1R Faro de Punta del Este UY0005 PO Box 37 11.000 Montevideo, Uruguay Web
Uruguay CW5X Faro Punta Jose Ignacio UY0006 PO Box 950, 11000, Montevideo, Uruguay Web
Uruguay 4 CX1TA Faro Cabo Santa Maria UY0004  
USA AF6TS Punta Gorda US0112 Direct Web
USA K1IMI Marshall Point US0204 Via N4CW. (Forrest Gump movie lighthouse)  
USA K1N Plum Island lighthouse US0108 Via K1YRD on Web
USA K2CRR 30 Mile Point, Lake Ontario US0038, LoTW  
USA K2QS Esopus Meadows US0065 LoTW  (300th Entry 14 July) Web
USA K2R Genesee Lighthouse US0101 WA2MZG on  
USA K2USA Sandy Hook Lighthouse US0035 Direct or Buro Web
USA K2VN Horton Point US0023 LoTW or SASE to 38 Appletree Ln Carle Place NY 11514 Web
USA K6A Point Vicente Lighthouse US0033 SASE to K6A 1975 Jaybrook Drive Rancho Palos Verdes CA90275 Web
USA K6AA Point Fermin US0031 Web
USA K6PV Point Vicente Lighthouse. Cancelled US0033 PVARC POB 2316 Palos Verdes Pen. Ca 90274-8316 Web
USA K7CCH Umpqua River Lighthouse US0040 COOS Co Radio Club PO Box 698, COOS Bay, OR 97420 Web
USA KC8VC Peninsula Point, Green Bay MI US0209 Via K9TRY direct.  
USA KC8WIT Maeble Head Lighthouse US0069  
USA KD9FM Rawley Point (New) US0181  
USA KD9FM Port Washington Breakwater US0215  
USA N1EQG Pelican Bay US0118 Direct  
USA N1EV Sheffield Lighthouse US0037 Direct  
USA N1KSC Cape Canaveral Lighthouse US0099 Direct, e-QSL, LoTW Web
USA N1ME Fort Point Lighthouse US0071 e-QSL, buro or direct+SASE  
USA N1QLL West Quoddy Head US0041 LoTW and direct (Other op K1SWL) 20,30,40 SSB both days Web
USA N2CMC Cape May US0011 CMCARC PO Box 601 Cape May Court House, NJ 08210 Web
USA N4AUG Saint Augustine Lighthouse US0198 Web
USA N4J Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse US0025 Web
USA N5CRP Lydia Ann, Texas US0166 Web
USA N6AU Cattle Point Light US0212 Via N6AU Web
USA N7JN Lime Kiln lighthouse US0080 Direct Web
USA N7M LV83 "Swiftsure" US0113 Direct KC7YE Web
USA N7P To be advised US?? Via W7KXB. (Patos Island cancelled)  
USA NH6HI Ninini Point US0195 Direct +SASE Web
USA NO6E Coquille River / Bandon, OR US0169 NO6E buro  
USA NT7H Cape Disappointment US0210 LoTW  
USA NW8S Lorain Harbor Light US0143 LoTW and direct Web
USA W1NLS Nantucket Lightship LV-112 US0102 W1NLS in Web
USA W1PBR Permaquid Point, ME US0124 See  
USA W1QK Avery Point US0190 Direct +SASE pse or LoTW Web
USA W2EPL East Point Lighthouse US0208 199 Tyler Road, Woodbine, NJ 08270  
USA W2GSB Fire Island Light US0019 GSBarc PO Box 1356, West Babylon, NY 11704 USA Web
USA W2HAL Hudson Athens Lighthouse US0178 Web
USA W2IIT Stratford Shoal Lighthouse US0213 Direct  
USA W2L Oswego Harbor West Pierhead US0207 Direct +sase or Web
USA W2LGA Verona Beach Lighthouse US0184 or e-QSL Web
USA W2M Montauk Point Lighthouse US0054 Via N2NEI Web
USA W2SO Dunkirk (Lake Erie), NY US0016 W2SO Web
USA W3GV Presque Isla Light, PA US0205 Web
USA W3RL Fort Washington US0072 KB3LIB via Web
USA W4A Tierra Verde Light US0039 N4MAA  
USA W4LX Boca Grande Lighthouse US0004 See web site Web
USA W5BMC Southwest Reef Lighthouse US0176 W5BMC 708 Front Street, Morgan Citu, La 70380. USA Web
USA W5GAD New Canal Lighthouse US0162 Direct to W5GAD PO Box 73665 Metairie, LA 70033 Web
USA W6ABR Point Arena US0117 PO Box 815 Gulala Ca 95445 USA Web
USA W6C Point Cabrillo US0136 PO Box 682 Talmage CA 95481 USA Web
USA W6L Old Point Loma Lighthouse US0067 Web
USA W6ZZK Trinidad Head US0115 Box 5251, Eureka, CA 95502-525 Web
USA W7AVM Admiralty Head WA US0002 ICARC POB 352 Coupeville WA 98239-0352 Web
USA W7BU Lightship "Columbia" US0055 PO Box 264, Astoria OR 97103 Web
USA W7L Heceta Head Lighthouse US0022 Direct +sase to PO Box 254, Florence OR 97439 Web
USA W7VMI Point Robinson US0214 PO Box 198, Vashon WA 98070 Web
USA W7ZA Grays Harbor Lighthouse US0062 GHARC (ILLW) PO Box 2250 Aberdeen WA 98520 Web
USA W8ZHO Muskegon Breakwall and Pierhead US0151/68 MuskegonAARC PO Box 691, Muskegon, MI 49443-0691 Web
USA W9CQO Kevich Lighthouse US0193 W9CQO C/- KA9WRL 1781 1st Ave, Grafton WI53024 Web
USA W9LY Michigan City US0079 Web
USA WA2DQL Oak Orchard Lighthouse US0157 WA2DQL Web
USA WA2EMO Sodus Point, Sodus Bay, NY US0046 WM7D Web
USA WA2OCG Alki Point US0100 WA2OCG Web
USA WB2LQF Esopus Meadows Lighthouse US0065 (QRP HF CW 7.062,14.062, 18.096)  
USA WA6LJR Port San Luis Lighthouse US0106 Web
USA WN8HCV Pointe Aux Barques US0105 W8GP at  
USA 69 WS1SM Portland Head Lighthouse US0211 WS1SM Web
Venezuela 1 YV5AJ Cabo Codera n/a* Buro via YV5AJ Web
Wales GB1BPL Burry Port Harbour UK0044 Buro see Web
Wales GB2LSA St Anne's Head UK0052 Buro or GW3CR  
Wales GB2LSH Strumble Head UK0049 Buro or GW3CR  
Wales GB3HLS "Helwick 91" Lightship, Swansea UK0046 RSGB Buro PO Box 5, Halifax HX1 9JR Web
Wales GB4EUL East Usk Lighthouse UK0159 Buro  
Wales GC0OBS St. Tudwal's Lighthouse UK0165 G4WMH May cancel due to severe WX Web
Wales GC4BRS Nash Point Low Light UK0072 MW0DHF  
Wales GC6BRC Nash Point High Light UK0071 MW0DHF  (Loc:IO81FJ)  
Wales 9 GW4WXM Talacre Point of Ayre UK0205 Direct, e-QSL  

* NOTE 1: "n/a": indicates that the light does not meet the ILLW guidelines but is included for this year only.

* NOTE 2: VK2FTAY is a Foundation licence.

*NOTE 3: Flyers in DOC or PDF format are available for downloading and printing. See sub menu of home page.

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